• It’s Renewable. One of the best benefits of choosing solar energy is that it is not easily depleted unlike other sources of energy such as fossils. In short, the source is unlimited.  Also, it is very sustainable since it doesn’t exploit our environment.
  • It’s Maintenance Free. Unlike other energy systems, solar energy is not dependent on moving parts (which may wear out in time) in order to generate power. Not only will it save you money but give you peace of mind.
  • It’s Independence. Once your solar system is turned on and producing power, you are no longer dependent on your current electricity provider as the panels will now power your home.

Shifting into solar power, we need to put some factors into consideration such as:

  • Roof Orientation

It's important to consider which way your roof faces. A south-facing roof surface is preferred as it receives more direct sunlight throughout the year. Rooftops facing east and west are also ideal as long as they have a southward bias/tilt.

  • Shading/Foliage

Homes and businesses need to take shading from nearby trees or buildings into account as they may affect power production.

  • Minimal Obstructions, Surface Area, & Roofing Types

The more surface area that is available the better. We can easily work around common objects such as vents, Chimneys, skylights, and air conditioning systems. Solar systems can be installed on almost all roofing types.

  • Energy Consumption

The best place to begin would be with your current electricity bill. Understanding how many Kilowatt-hours you use on a monthly/annual basis. This will help us create a custom solution based on your individual needs.

  • Budget

Installation costs for residential and commercial buildings vary depending on energy consumption and goals. Please keep in mind that when making this investment into your property that there are net metering credits and a federal tax credit of 26% to help offset some of the costs of going solar.

Yes, your solar panels will power your home throughout the year. When building your custom proposal, we take into consideration all factors including your local weather patterns.

The first solar cells were manufactured by Bell Laboratories in the late 1950s and are still functional today. Most solar panels now come with a 25-year power output warranty and may continue to produce power for a long time beyond that.

Selling your home with solar panels remaining in place is preferred as solar panels provide value to your property and generally sell quicker. If you opt to lease your solar array, it is simply transferable to the new owner.

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