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Green Energy NV Is Your Solar Company In Fishhawk, FL

When you need a reliable, dependable, and proven solar panel and energy provider, Green Energy NV is your solar company in Fishhawk, FL and the surrounding areas. We are the leading source of renewable clean power that can be used to power your home or business partially or fully.

Adding solar power helps save you money while promoting renewable energy and environmental sustainability throughout the community. We focus on working with professionalism and quality, providing our customers with exceptional service throughout the design, installation, and maintenance of their solar power systems. We value the trust of our clients with a focus on education and support in adding solar energy to your business or home.

Solar Panel Installation in Fishhawk, FL

Most home and business owners have a lot of questions about the use of solar energy in Fishhawk, FL. In general, this is a very easy transition, and our service technicians will ensure the entire system is optimized and all your questions are answered at every step of the process.

Before we begin designing your system, we complete an assessment of the home or business to determine the energy requirements. We then complete the solar installation to maximize the amount of energy harvested from the sun. Solar power can also be stored, so you never have to worry about energy during the evening hours.

If you are wondering what are solar panels and how does solar energy work, a quick explanation will help you understand the basics. Solar panels are actually photovoltaic panels that are made up of a series of solar cells. The solar cells are made of silicon, which has a positive and negative side. The silicon loses electrons when photons from the sun hit the panel, and this creates a flow of energy in DC or direct current. An inverter in the system turns the DC into AC, which is used by appliances and devices in the home.

It is also common for people to worry about energy production at night. The answer to do solar panels work at night is no. However, during the day, the energy is stored in the system for use when the panels are not generating solar energy.

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